Precision Opinion Data Collection Associate, Entry-Level in Las Vegas, Nevada

Job Descriptions:

We are hiring for Data Collection Associates to work in our Market Research Call Center. Help give American's a voice this election season by conducting surveys over the phone.

The Precision Opinion Research Associate is an entry-level position, but one most vital to our company. Research Associates help collect Market Research data over the phone in our 650-seat research facility located near the Las Vegas Strip. On a daily basis, our specialty trained Research Associates call thousands of households all across the United States to gather the opinions of everyday citizens.

The data Research Associates collect by conducting over-the-phone surveys help give American's a voice on the subjects and categories that affect them the most.

Precision Opinion clients include: Politicians, Fortune-500 Companies, Government Agencies and Media Organizations.

Here is an example of how Research Associates make a difference: When ESPN wanted to know how to gear to the audience better to improve ratings, they called Precision Opinion. At Precision Opinion, we wrote a survey that was then given to Research Associates. Those Research Associates called homes all across the country to conduct that survey with the ESPN audience. Precision Opinion gave the data collected to ESPN and they made production changes based on what answers Research Associates found.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Precision Opinion Research Associate? Apply today to be interviewed and begin your paid training!

Required Experience:

Required Skills:

  • Energetic

  • Good speaking voice

  • Ability to learn new software

  • Ability to adapt to different personalities

  • Great reading ability

  • Basic typing and computer skills

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From: Precision Opinion