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Hamilton Holding Management Co. Manufacturing Engineer (Machine Shop) in Reno, Nevada

less thanh3>Company Descriptionless than/h3>less thanp>Hamilton Company is a global enterprise headquartered in Reno, Nevada with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Boston and Bonaduz, Switzerland. Branch sales offices are located in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.less than/p>less thanp>We are the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of manual, semi-automated and robotic products for precision fluid measuring. For over 56 years, Hamilton has been satisfying customer needs by combining quality materials with skilled workmanship, ensuring the highest level of performance of every precision fluid measuring device we manufacture.less than/p>less thanh3>Job Descriptionless than/h3>less thanp>Responsible for developing and optimizing manufacturing processes that prioritize safety, product quality, and maximize production.less than/p>less thanh3>Essentinal Job Functions:less than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>Create or strengthen existing manufacturing processes by utilizing work instructions, tooling, and optimum manufacturing equipment.less than/li>less thanli>Ensure processes conform to regulatory and safety standards.less than/li>less thanli>Confirm performance of processes after implementation.less than/li>less thanli>Focus on reducing manufacturing costs, labor, operations, and lead time.less than/li>less thanli>Seek modern technology solutions that address process bottlenecks.less than/li>less thanli>Justify improvement with current/future state costs and benefits.less than/li>less thanli>Document progress, technical specifications, and requirements.less than/li>less thanli>Develop and maintain floor plans.less than/li>less thanli>Validate new and relocated manufacturing equipment.less than/li>less thanli>Train operators on new or revised processes.less than/li>less thanli>Troubleshoot systemic issues and implement corrective actions.less than/li>less thanli>Be skeptical, independent, and creative when approaching problems.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanh3>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:less than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>Knowledgeable in CNC machinery types and capabilities.less than/li>less thanli>Knowledgeable in work holding design, BOM selection, and hand measurement tooling.less than/li>less thanli>Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to prioritize work and multiple projects.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to instruct new procedures to various personalities, backgrounds, ages, and skill levels.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to assess situations and develop effective solutions.less than/li>less thanli>Proficient in CAD software (CREO, SolidWorks, and/or AutoCAD).less than/li>less thanli>Proficient in reading/drafting technical prints..less than/li>less than/ul>less thanh3>Education and Experience:less than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>Bachelor's Degree in an Engineering field.less than/li>less thanli>Prefer 2 plus years experience in manufacturing-related field, preferably machine shop.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanh3>Additional Informationless than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>Diverse portfolio of exciting and innovative design projectsless than/li>less thanli>Tremendous opportunities for professional growth and advancementless than/li>less thanli>Commitment to sustainable designless than/li>less thanli>Competitive Compensationless than/li>less thanli>Excellent Benefit Package (medical, dental, vision insurance, paid time off, disability insurance,401k, tuition reimbursement and much more)less than/li>less thanli>Solid Stable Companyless than/li>less thanli>Drug free workplace.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanem>Learn more about us @:www.hamiltoncompany.comless than/em>less than/p>less thanp>It is the policy of this organization to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age 40 and over, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender