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Hamilton Holding Management Co. Senior Electrical Engineer in Reno, Nevada

less thanh3>Company Descriptionless than/h3>less thanp>Hamilton Company is a global enterprise headquartered in Reno, Nevada with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Boston and Bonaduz, Switzerland. Branch sales offices are located in France, Germany, Canada, Latin America, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.We are the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of manual, semi-automated and robotic products for precision fluid measuring. For over 56 years, Hamilton has been satisfying customer needs by combining quality materials with skilled workmanship, ensuring the highest level of performance of every precision fluid measuring device we manufacture.less than/p>less thanh3>Job Descriptionless than/h3>less thanp>The Senior Electrical Engineer is responsible for providing the department with technical expertise to design, develop, test, and implement product components. Responsibilities include:less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Responsible for planning and performing design development tasks from concept to implementation.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for studying and evaluating disciplinary or interdisciplinary aspects of new product or design concepts, including all necessary functions leading to presentation and recommendation of possible solutions.less than/li>less thanli>Plan and direct testing necessary to assure adequate performance of designs for all stages of design and development, or complexity. less than/li>less thanli>Provides technical advice and particular expertise to department personnel.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for the timely completion and adequacy of the assigned development task for performance and compliance with standards.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for the adequate documentation of the performed task including description, specification, testing and implementation.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for the clear presentation of developments or designs at design reviews.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for providing technical leadership and assistance to lower level department personnel.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for independently taking control and completing assigned major sections of a new product development effort.less than/li>less thanli>Responsible for troubleshooting production floor problems and completing design changes, as a result of investigation.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanh3>Qualificationsless than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>BS Degree in Electrical Engineering.less than/li>less thanli>Must have extensive motor control design experience.less than/li>less thanli>Knowledge and experience of Analog and digital circuit design.less than/li>less thanli>Knowledge and experience of Control systems and motor drive design.less than/li>less thanli>Design experience with CPLDs, FPGAs, M3 microcontrollers, Optical Encoders, Hall-effect current sensors, MOSFETs, Op Amps, ESD and overcurrent protection, DC-DC switching power supplies.less than/li>less thanli>Working knowledge of LTSpice, OrCAD, VHDL. Experience designing to FCC Class B standards.less than/li>less thanli>Must be able to direct board layout designers to produce FCC Class B compliant designs.less than/li>less thanli>Support other departments, troubleshoot circuit boards.less than/li>less thanli>Minimum of 5 years experience in the design and development of discipline product components.less than/li>less thanli>Must possess good verbal and written communication skills for writing reports, interfacing with manufacturing, engineering, etc and be computer literate.less than/li>less thanli>Pronounced abilities in understanding and application of engineering sciences such as mathematics, physics, engineering statistics, etc.less than/li>less thanli>Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanh3>Additional Informationless than/h3>less thanul>less thanli>Diverse portfolio of exciting and innovative design projectsless than/li>less thanli>Tremendous opp